A Mother, Wife, Lover, WITCH, Truth Seeker, Solitary Practitioner,  Bather of Moonbeams, Believer of Magic, Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki Healer,  Pathfinder,  Crystal Healer, Intuitive Artist, Tarot reader, Nature Lover, Medicine Woman, Yoga student and teacher, Talisman Maker, Spirit Finder, and Urban Apothecary.


I've searched and searched for my meaning and spirit for so long. I knew my truth was out there, but was easily distracted and lost my way. Since I was very young, little coincidences happened all around me. I instinctively knew what someone else needed or yearned for before they voiced it. I got these gut feelings that the person beside me was dealing with something that I may be able to help with. When I dreamt, if the dream was not going my way, I changed it and made it enjoyable, pleasant. Magic was my life, joy was my spirit, and I was invincible. And then the horrible reality of life got me, and I was abused. All of the joy left my spirit, the innocence turned to rage. Broken and afraid, I put up a wall of anger and hatred to keep others from ever hurting me again. Unbeknownst to me, as I shut others out and hardened on the outside,  the same was happening on the inside. I lost connection with myself. I had no idea who I was or where I wanted to go. Or even if I wanted to go. I began to abuse myself and deemed myself unworthy. I had completely lost touch with my truth, my path was lost.

In 2002, I found a tiny glimmer of hope.  Art. Creativity. Which reminded me of how fond I was at making things with my hands. The more I created, the more I HAD to. It started with collage and moved into painting and before you knew it I was sewing, painting, jewelry making, spinning yarn and knitting sweaters. Craft, fine art, scrapbooking. Nothing was too low or too great for me. I knew no boundaries, and because I was completely 'uneducated' in the world of art- There was no box for me to be placed in, no limits or rules to follow. And then I realized...the same could be true for my life! There are no rules, no life police is going to come along and tell me I'm doing it wrong.

 And then, ever so slowly, the veil began to lift, and my path showed itself to me again. I began to nurture, not torture, myself. I found joy in myself and others. The fear of being hurt was not so prominent...the pain not so raw. The more I created, the closer I felt to the Divine. As if I tapped into a creative Universal Stream that like souled others were tapped to as well. I found my love for life again, and I found my truth. And after such a long dark time, I finally knew what my truth was. 

I needed to help others find their truth, recapture their light,  and guide them back to their path. 

As my happiness returned, my connection to self got stronger. My intuition grew, and my gut feelings returned. Little coincidences starting happening all around me. And now, when I dream, not only can I change the outcome of the dream, but I can interpret its meaning and understand what needs to happen. I began to heal and grow, and I began to understand how to heal and grow. 

So, through the Craft, tarot, Art, Writing, Yoga, Meditation, Bodywork, Breath, Intuition and Reiki I help others heal. I help them reconnect. I lead them to the ability to find their light and truths. Yes, I've been broken and wounded. But my renewed self is an ever growing and learning vessel and my soul glows and yearns to help others. 

I am Anastasia. And I have found my Wild Path. Let me help you find yours.